It’s your player-friendly raffle, with the power of the Blockchain.

Get your eden (EDE) Tokens now

Transfer Ethereum (ETH) to this address and receive your eden immediately:


Please use
Gas Price (GWEI) 30 / Gas Limit 63000


  1. Get whitlisted
  2. Wait for confirmation from (up to 48h)
  3. Send Ethereum (min. 0.05 ETH) to the official address
  4. You receive your eden immediately
  • DO NOT send funds from exchanges
  • Transactions of non-whitlisted wallets are automatically rejected
  • Only Ethereum (ETH) will be accepted
  • 0.05 Ethereum (ETH) minimum contributions (1,200 eden)
  • Contract will distribute eden immediately upon received Ethereum (ETH)
  • eden Token are blocked until the successful ITO is terminated
  • Exchange Rate in Tokensale 1 Ethereum (ETH) = 24,000 eden
    Extra: 80% of unsold Token distributing to ITO Participants

The ITO takes place in Germany with the approval of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and legal advice from the law firm Winnheller. The UG is a company registered in Germany with the legal form UG = Entrepreneurial Company (limited liability). The UG acts according to the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), which was adopted by the European Union.

Simple - Effective - FairThis is

Blockchain and gambling are merged into one. The eden tokens are needed to directly take part in daily, monthly and annual raffles and they function both as participation and profit.
It’s safe, transparent and tamper-proof thanks to Ethereum Smart Contracts.

1 : 5,700,000
1 : 69,350,000
1 : 139.838.160
1 : 139.838.160
1 : 302.575.350
monthly raffle
annual raffle
Lotto 6aus49
Mega Millions

The diagram above shows the chances of winning a jackpot in the various “systems”.

Winning with eden is more likely than with many other systems. Every eden equates to three chances. If there’s 0.04% of the eden in circulation in the daily raffle, that amounts to a first prize total of 2,774,000 eden.

(Chances of winning: 1:69,350,000)

The Token Structure

Total amount: 450,000,000 eden
Available in ITO75 %337,500,000
Reserve14.7 %66,150,000
Team10 %45,000,000
Airdrop0.3 %1,350,000

Exchange Rate

1 eden : 0.00005 ETH
1 ETH : 20,000 eden

Minimum Decrease

0.05 ETH / 1,000 eden

Maximum Decrease

1,000 ETH : 20,000,000 eden


300 ETH


16,875 ETH / 11,812.5 ETH

Company location: Germany
Type: Public offer
KYC: Required
Currencies accepted: Ethereum (ETH)

Ticker: EDE
Token standard: ERC20 / Ethereum
Token Decimals: 0

The token sale is terminated early if the Hardcap is reached.

Presale / 30 % bonus
April 1 2019 12 pm – April 15 2019 12 pm
Whitelisting required until April 14 2019

Token Sale 1 / 20 % bonus
April 15 2019 12.01 pm – May 31 2019 12 pm
Whitelisting required until May 30 2019

Token Sale 2
May 31 2019 12.01 pm – June 30 2019 12 pm
Whitelisting required until June 29 2019

The Team

We work tirelessly for player-friendly gambling:
Experienced developers, marketing experts and early crypto-currency investors

Dieter GalambosCo-Founder & CTO
Alexander HeubergerCo-Founder & CMO
Simon SickBlockchain & Frontend Engineer
Carsten JakschFull Stack Developer
Jessica AuerPublic Relations & Key-Account-Management
Roland DresslerExternal Commercial Management
Reiner StuiberMarketing & Brand Consultant
Monika SaboCommunity Manager
Franziska WagnerSocial Media Manager

Gambling as a huge market

The Use Case is large, with a steadily growing market. In the USA, over 70 billion US dollars are spent annually on state lotteries, about 3 billion more than the entire market capitalisation of Bitcoin (based on data from on February 2019).



Large Use Case now an in future
Q1 2017

Concept Phase

Q2 2017

Legal Advice (Winheller)

Q1 2018

Company Foundation

Q2 2018

Project Launch

Q3 2018

Corporate Identity

Q1 2019

Pre Sale

Q2 2019

Token Sale

Q3 2019

Platform Beta
Token tradable

Q4 2019

Gambling License

Q1 2020

Business Contacts
Platform Release


UG becomes GmbH
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Why eden? In classic lotteries, we think there are a few weak spots. A large proportion of the stakes are not raffled, chances of winning a jackpot are slim and each participant can enter each draw only once.

Yet nearly everyone has played before or plays regularly. Eden is an optimised variation, because thanks to Blockchain and eden tokens, weak spots are kept to a minimum. The online and offline gambling market is incredibly large. If you look at the statistics, it has been growing continually since 2003. Historically, people have enjoyed gambling even during bad times.

The eden raffles are held independently by Ethereum Smart Contracts and are completely manipulation-free. This automated variation enables up to 99% of the eden put in as stakes to be handed out to the winners. Every eden is a participation in three raffles: the daily, monthly and annual ones. Particularly in the monthly and annual raffles, enormous jackpots can be the result.

Every participant is entitled to put in one eden or 10,000 eden in a transaction. Each chance of winning per eden is the same. One eden comprises three rounds of participation; this means there are multiple chances of winning. Particularly through the daily raffles, there will be an interesting token fluctuation. If a player wishes to play in eden, they need to have eden tokens. These must be purchased on stock markets. The further acceptance of crypto-currencies and further ground-breaking technologies is gaining more and more attention from the mass market. The Use Case for eden is enormous.